We are the Happy Siopaos. Welcome to our world.

Bold, courageous and dauntless

I have handled group tours before but it was in my recent assignment that tested my resolve. In a panel interview when I was applying for the Mabuhay Guides training program in 2009, I was grilled by travel icon, Susan Calo-Medina. Watch 2:13 … [Read more]

Partially packed. Partially cocked, locked & reddeh to rock

This is it. Tomorrow, I will have a briefing with my group. I hope that they'll enjoy the next two weeks with me. I'll do my best to make a good job :-)I will teach them how to point.* * *Meals of the DayBreakfast: McDonald's Longganisa Breakfast … [Read more]

Arming myself with info

I spent the day reading as much as I can about the places specified in the itinerary. I'm putting in the hours because I want to, I need to. Just writing this first before I go to sleep. The palay harvested from the payyo in … [Read more]

More distractions

I now have a Pinterest account. I've only pinned two items. It's a site full of nice photos of almost anything you like. Too many accounts! Graaahh. The Greatest Videoke Showdown on Earth that happened last month. * * * Meals of … [Read more]