Ayayayay iPod!

After a very long absence in his favorite domain, your showroom manager a.k.a. “Mr. Crush Ang Bayan ‘98” has finally returned. And he has tons of stuff to make kwento for the last two months. But first, he’d like to share his happiness with this newfound toy that he just gifted his self last April…

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WE ARE THE WOOOORLD! The showroom manager internalizing the hit song.

After two years of showing that he is an office drone, the showroom manager has finally been promoted! To what, you ask? To a Level 5 office drone! Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Thanks be to God! Hallelujiah!

Clearly, it was hubris that drove him to get this 20 GB MP3 Player (Note: There was no significant increase in the showroom manager’s paycheck!). It took a great deal of justification (Gagamitin ko sa long trip; Kelangan ko pag iniintay ko si bebe; Hindi ko na dapat magdala ng sangkaterbang CDs; May flash disk na rin ako, ‘di ba?; Long payment terms, long payment terms; etc.) before he succumbed to Mr. Jobs’ temptation.

And so far, he is damn happy about this mighty fine gadget. He has loaded all of the sounds he wanted to hear sans the yapping DJs. However, his busy schedule has only allowed him to put 930 songs in his perfectly wonderful music collection.

TRIVIA: Not near a fraction of those uploaded songs were heard by the showroom manager since he got his IPod but he doesn’t mind at all.