Lost in her eyes

I’ve been LOST for two weeks after watching this TV show. The story so far is that we still don’t know what’s beneath them thick forests. It could be an invisible robot developed by the US military aka “others” or possibly they’re living on the back of an enormous dugong. The story really hooked me. and this lady as well…

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HEEYAAH, FRECKLES! It’s quite rare that freckles could be a turn-on.

Now, I’m having an obsession about Kate/ Evangeline Lilly. I went to her fan site and got some info about her. She’s 26. Stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. She stayed in the jungles of the Piripin for her missionary work (hehe, I said missionary). Anyhoo, she certainly fits the role of the mysterious Kate in LOST and she adds more depth to the character by wearing this…

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OHHHH, MAMA. The panties did it.

I can’t wait for season 2 🙂