Hello, Tokyo! Moshi moshi hanone!?

I’ve always been amazed with the Japanese and it’s been my dream to visit the land of sushi and sashimi. Of Akira Kurosawa. Of Dragonball Z. Of Doraemon. Of cute pantied-Annie. Of Takeshi’s Castle. Of Asahi Beer. Of Voltes V.

Ohhhhh! Tokyo!

Last September 16 to 21, it was 3rd World meeting 1st World. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime perks to be included in an incentive trip for the ultra-talented salespeople of Toyota. I’ve been given the arduous task to…watch the group. Be their baby-sitter. And it was fun.

We trekked the garbage-free sidewalks of Tokyo and it was definitely a blast. Clean streets. No noise pollution (very rare to hear them horns). A very efficient transportation system (Shinkansen = bullet train). Almost everything in vendo machines. Cute Japanese school girls in their short skirts riding bikes (Thank you, Lord!).

We first visited Megaweb. Toyota practically owns everything in Japan. And Megaweb is just one of them. Megaweb is a complex where there are shopping malls, food establishments, and a complete display of Toyota vehicles. Think of a clean SM with cars on display. And what you are about to see is my car in two years’ time…

Ladies and gents, I bring you the Toyota Vitz. It’s an Echo in da Piripin but in Japan it’s called Vitz. The trend nowadays is to manufacture a small car and call it Euro-styled. And the Vitz will definitely kick Honda Jazz @$$!

One of the coolest things about this car is its ad campaign. Car commercials are now getting it. People would like to drive their cars with a tune in mind. Some good examples:

  1. Altis = Shake Your Bonbon/ Ricky Martin
  2. Vios = Anticipating/ Britney Spears (don’t you just love her?)
  3. Innova = A Beautiful Revolution/ Some whiny Filipino singer who puts to much emotion in “Let me take you there, Let me take you there with this beautiful revoluuutiooon!”
  4. Vitz = Sunday Morning/ Maroon 5
    Picture this, a Japanese couple riding their…and they see an old caucasian man on the side of the street with his broken cart because of heavy pumpkins that he’s about to sell to town. The couple decides to help the poor guy by putting all the pumpkins inside their car plus the old man to the tune of SUNDAY MORNING. WTF!!! Genius! Who could have thought of that!? It fits because it’s VITZ. Ahuhuhuhu!

You are always on my mind.
That was the highlight of Day One.