Hello, Tokyo! Two faces of Japan

It’s like one of those dreams that you can’t get enough. You wake up and find yourself being served by a very gracious host…

and you feel like you’re Tam Cruz (Pssst, Deybi) in the movie THE LAST SAMURAI.

Hehe. To my loyal customers, the showroom manager didn’t turn into a hosto (a Jap term for a male Japayuki) but he just went to a tea ceremony. And the Japs just love formalities, style, decorum, good manners, good morning, good evening, goodness gracious. It’s really amazing to see that the Japanese have preserved their culture. Not only that, they continue to promote it. That fine lady you are seeing right now represents Japan’s Maria Clara. Clean. Prim and proper.

The tea house where we were served with tea (duh!?) was an old Japanese house full of tatami mats. A tatami mat is 9 inches (width) by 18 inches (length). This is their standard use of measurement. If a Jap guy would ask how big is your house, convert your house’s floor area into tatami mat-size.

Generally, the Japanese people are very polite. As explained by my tour guide Kimiko-san…

the Japs made bowing an instinct even when they talk using their mobile phones. A general rule on bowing: The deeper you bow the greater you honor the person.

The group that I accompanied were seasoned travellers. They have been to Europe, America, and other Asian countries. Because of their clamor to explore Tokyo, it was decided that we proceed to Akihabara, Japan’s techno hub, instead of a boring tour in an old Japanese temple.

So much for old Japan, I just windowshopped in the area and then I saw a big crowd of middle-aged Japanese adults. From there, I fully understood Japan’s fusion of old and new…

She is my Cosplay Girl!

Cosplay = Costume Play
On one hand, you got the kimono-clad chick and on the other you got the school girl attire chick. Somehow, it makes sense to say that Japan has the right fusion of old and new 🙂

Pornography in Japan is not confined to pictures. It goes beyond that. There’s hentai (XXX-rated anime) and smut manga (Japanese comics). In the buildings I’ve roamed, the ratio of smut manga vs. kid manga is 80 : 20. What do these figures say? Behind the formalities, pleasantries, and seriousness, the Japs are just like you and me. They are also pervs. Big pervs 🙂 But the thing that caught my attention is how well they have expressed their inhibitions through beautifully drawn works. This hidden urge fueled a very profitable industry.

Rarely have I seen totally messed up artworks from these guys. Here in da Piripin, obscene tite and pekpek drawings are common at the back of bus seats, school chairs, walls, cubicles, notepads, and just about everything are common. Nakakatawa lang isipin na 1st world din ang paglabas ng kabastusan ng mga pon-Japs. 😉

Thank you for the memories 🙂
This was definitely the highlight of the day.