I met my dream designer a few weeks after I got engaged.

James is just amazing. I flipped my copy of Metro Weddings to show him the design that led me to him. It was pure luck, I guess, that my brother knew him, having worked together on several projects.

I showed him some pegs and he immediately got it—suggesting colors and bouncing off ideas on the bouquet and event styling. The initial sketches he showed me a week later were all so beautiful I had a hard time deciding which one to choose.

But here’s the thing.

Getting him to do everyone’s dresses—and I’m not just talking about the women here—would cost me nearly as much as what we’d pay for the reception.

No can do.

And yes, it has become a practice for brides to ask her wedding party to shoulder their clothes in lieu of a gift. But I’m telling you, I wouldn’t pay that much for a dress, not even if I were the maid of honor.

So I started shopping around for potential entourage designers. It’s becoming a pretty frustrating mall, as I have yet to meet someone who got it the way James did.

There are a few more options to go through. If all else fails, I may just have to beg James for a bargain.


  1. arevalos says:

    good luck with the bargaining then 🙂

  2. aimee rae says:

    Thanks, and thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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