Twenty, trivia, trivia! Ahuuuu! (by L.A. Lopez)

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The instruction says: write 20 random facts about me then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.

  1. I was the Bible Quiz champion back in elementary and…
  2. A member of the Knights of the Altar a.k.a sacristan in my old town. Erm, this was before discovering another liberating literary device, porn.
  3. My brothers and I have the same first name: Mark. Mark Donald. Mark Chester. Mark Bryan…ugh.
  4. I got baptized into alcoholic bliss in Rustica, a small house in the cold hills of Baguio. It was freezing in the terrace but everything’s all right with a cold brew in my hand. *Nostalgia*
  5. I’m a pucker lover. Hehe. I could tie a cherry stalk with my tongue in less than a minute.
  6. And because of those movies that skip the exciting part, I thought that girls would get pregnant with a torrid kiss. What the f@ck was I thinking!?
  7. When I was an altarboy, I used to hate the Beatles because of what they said about them being more famous than Jesus. After a few years, I discovered their reasons for this claim. Now, I am a Beatlemaniac. And I’m going to hell.
  8. The best movie that made me cry was Transformers the Movie. The one where the great Optimus Prime was saying goodbye to his Autobots…anaknghueteng…napapaiyak na naman ako.
  9. Like Papa Jonz, I get cold feet and it’s an indicator if I’m going to get sick or not. In cold nights, I wear a pair of socks just to keep them warm.
  10. I have no sure college or university in mind while in high school. I just kept thinking that high school would just be there forever until I was compelled to take entrance exams because everybody’s doing it.
  11. I only applied in two universities… Advertising in UST and DLSU. I flunked one of the tests, guess which one? 😉
  12. College attire = T-shirt + belt + underwear + shorts + watch + handkerchief + sandals
  13. That lucky yellow T-shirt that witnessed the fall of a future UST basketball dynasty and the “thank-god-forget-history-just-believe” triple from Dino “The Savior” Aldeguer is still safely kept in my cabinet.
  14. I work in an automotive company that does not AND cannot have a “reasonable” car plan for its employees. Sad truth.
  15. It is with great yabang to say that I’m the only color blind TLS Art Editor in its rich history. San ka pa? 🙂
  16. I am irritable ONLY when i’m hungry. Hey, a man’s gotta eat!
  17. I took up the best course in DLSU. The one that really is appropriate for me, History+Marketing. A semester later, I dropped History.
  18. I get goosebumps whenever I read the BELIEVE championship issue of TLS. Señor Norman Vergara, Señora Trina Ibarle, Don Gerwin Co, Professor Mondell Fleming, Papa Gelobhoy Cimagala (CIMAGALAAAAA! THURREE POINTS!), hats off to you guys for putting the BEST DLSU championship issue!!!
  19. Nangingilo ako pag pinagkakaskas ang dalawang pulang yarn strings.
  20. For some reason, the sappy songs, the masa songs are the best songs to memorize and sing in a videoke session. I am an unwitting victim of this sickness.

So there you have it, you got 20 intimate truths only in this site, my loyal customers. The takers? I appoint Bebe, Reetsaaard, Kweesteen, Anne in NJ, Sukhbir, Deno, Joel, and Alan.