Giddy post

Bry has his suit!

Wala lang, early this week we just dropped by Zara in Glorietta to check out some suits. While we were in Hong Kong a couple of months back, we saw a really nice Zara suit in Times Square and we just wanted to see whether we can get it cheaper here. We did not find the same model but we saw a different one that was just as nice.

Bry tried it on and it was just soooo perfect. But as we are wont to do with pricey purchases—meaning, anything more than 2K—we left the suit at the store and decided to go back for it at a later time. If it’s still there then it’s meant to be; if not, then well, tough.

A couple of days ago, we dropped by Hugo Boss. Turns out some suits, particularly the one we were eyeing, were 20 percent off. Bry tried it on and he said the fit was so much better. We checked the tag and almost collapsed—the suit was worth more than 50K! Even with the discount, we would still be paying more than 30K. For a really nice fitting suit.

So we went back to Zara and found the suit we liked was still there. This time, we also picked a shirt for him to wear under the coat and purchased them all.

So happy. Funny lang kse si Bry, ayos na yung susuotin nya, ako I just had my measurements taken. Oh well, at least that’s one thing off our to-do list!