A few more steps closer to the day

Bry and I went to Tagaytay last Saturday for our canonical interview. I’ve heard a lot of things about this interview and so came prepared. I know some couples who were surprised when they were asked to “donate” Php1,500 after the “interview” was over, which consisted mainly of checking whether the papers were in order.

So imagine my surprise when the monsignor actually took time out to talk to us, separately. Although I don’t think any of the questions he asked (where we studied, where we are working) had anything to do with determining how ready we are for marriage. Of course he could’ve skipped those relevant questions because he knew we already attended CEE.

He also explained why he asks couples to donate Php1,500. The parish is relatively new and mostly has farmers as parishioners. From what I understand, he’s basically asking for more money from people who he thinks can afford it so that his parishioners won’t have to spend a lot on obtaining church services. It still all sounds a bit dicey and I probably don’t understand everything well enough, but at least there was the effort to explain.

About 30 minutes after, he gave us the marriage banns and the request for my parish to allow us to marry in another church. Why 30 minutes? Well, it took quite some time for the monsignor to fill up all the necessary forms by hand.

We submitted the banns and the letter to our parish the following day. Unfortunately, the woman in charge wouldn’t accept out forms without our pictures. And I thought we could get away without those. I mean, have you seen how cheesy some of those photos are?!?

We’ll give her back the forms, this time with the pictures, on Sunday. In about a month, we’ll probably head back to the monsignor to submit the banns. The monsignor said we could check the marriage contract about a week before the wedding to check for typos or what-not. We’ll most likely do that as well.

We still have to:

  • Sign contract with Hacienda Isabella (doing this tomorrow)
  • Sign contract with florist (hopefully on Tuesday)
  • Fit my dress
  • Finish the invites (designs are done, boxes are here, but we’re running out of paper!)
  • Select items for the wedding registry (we’ve registered, but we haven’t picked out the items yet)
  • Look for shoes
  • Order my cord
  • Procure offertory stuff
  • Schedule our prenups with Pilar
  • Schedule entourage dress fittings
  • Decide on the songs for the church, reception
  • Work on the missalette

Sigh. The list just never ends.

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  1. aimeez says:

    Heya. Were you serious about asking Niko to make the shoes for you? I’m seeing them this week and I could ask him for you. =)

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