Panicky, panicked me

18 effin’ days!

And I still don’t have my music lined up. Or drafted a program. Not even the missalettes!

Times like these I wish I got ourselves a coordinator.


  1. ~Cha~ says:

    Yipee!!! Lapit na… Can’t you get a coordinator the last minute?

  2. katzee says:

    kaya mo yan! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hiya Aimee!

    We’re working on the same things. A friend sent me a copy of their misallette, I can pass it on to you if you need it. Eric’s bringing all our CDs down and I can burn the ones we talked about this weekend.

    Regarding our non-existent program, we’re skipping the processional at the reception. Hee, I think there should only be one grand entrance and that’ll be for mee and my hubby (I’m not usually this vain but it is after all *our* day). We’ll introduce our families and the entourage after dinner, right before whatever “program” we might have. Did I tell you we’re hosting the party? Eric is such a performer and I feel weird about writing a script for somebody else, so we’re just going to wing it ourselves.

    I’m unemployed! I’m finally free to meet you for that lunch/coffee thing that we’ve been talking about for so long.


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