Haha! At last, señor don siops (gagu ka, papa jon!) este, your showroom manager is baaack. Thank God! It’s been a very long dryspell in this blog. Just like the big white and hairy guy, I am also doing my own housecleaning and updating of my blog though nobody would even notice the difference.

Anyhoo, thanks for your patronage. I am back so what’s new? Nothing much. Except that…

I just got married last month.

Even though things did not go as planned, I’d say it’s still perfect… Aimee showed up. Everything was great. For the pictures, just go to this photo site.


And so, I am going to make a brief Q & A so that the questions would be answered (so that the next time I see you guys, there would be no room for small talk. It would be me who’d be asking the questions, whoever you are).

Question #1: Kumusta ang buhay mag-asawa?
the showroom manager says (TSMS): Parang bahay-bahayan. We’re living with my mom in Casa Ocampo, Las Piñas. Soon, we’ll have to move out to finally drive ourselves independent.

We’ve been going out for long and the big difference is that I am now legally snoring next to her. It’s still the same. So far 🙂

Q2: Paano kayo kumakain?
TSMS: Just like what normal people do. But this time, Aimee humanized the kitchen. We started buying spices, cereals, cooking stuff, and ingredients. She cooked for me (thank you, bebe).

I am the master of three cooking techniques: Frying, Boiling, and JAW (Just Add Water).

Q3: Where’s the honeymoon?
TSMS: Antulang… in a few months, we pray. I am a practical guy but I want a memorable wedding. I told Aimee that ours is a one-time, big-time, life-time affair. I don’t want to get married again 🙂

Q4: What’s the most useful wedding gift that you got?
TSMS: Aimee’s officemate’s gift– Cookbook. Thank you, Sherwin Baniqued.

Q5: What’s the first thing you bought as a couple?
TSMS: We got a computer since both of us would need it for internet browsing, blogging, work, and research (porn download/ viewing).

Q6: When do we see the babies?
TSMS: For now, we don’t have plans but if God gives us one, we’ll surely shower him or her with love and care. One thing is for sure: the baby would be our little flour-ling of joy. Puro pisngi just like the parents.

Q7: Ba’t di pa kayo magka-baby ngayon?
TSMS: see answer to Q6.

Q8: Ahhh… okey. Last question, masarap ba ang buhay mag-asawa?
TSMS: Masarap. Parang mainit na kanin. We’re building on each day and so far, I am loving every minute of it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    hey bryan!! it joy- rony fortich’s sister!! we met briefly at dlsu. anyway.. i just want to say congratulations!! i was just browsing thru my brother’s friends blogs and saw yours. cool. take care.. much love


  2. hi joy! i still remember you 🙂 thank you! hope things are great with you.

    take care and do drop by again! (tried checking out your website– i need to be a myspace member first… graah.).

  3. Debbie says:

    hi byran! glad you’re back blogging again! i see married life hasn’t affected your humor in any way. you sound happy! 🙂

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