So how was it?

Looking at my few posts last year, I sense its underlying(?) tone of bitterness and a shout of wanting to leave the company. I am feeling the pressure of looking for that elusive job- but what kind of a job? In sales? Publishing? I have a handful of talks with people that I look up to. A few nights ago, I went to see my two lovable pamangkins and sought some advice from my eldest brother. He said something that really struck me.

Regardless of the pay and the working conditions, I owe it to myself to elevate my performance. My brother, probably one of the best sages in the past life, said that I need to finish what was given to me and leave it at its best condition and leave for better pay.

I have been telling myself that this time, I want to be accurate, then fast, then become a true expert. My past interviews last year showed a glaring truth– I haven’t done much and I must do it now before pursuing a bigger plan of making the biggest move in my life.

I paid a visit to my former boss yesterday and found him happier in his new job. After 13 years of service in this country’s number one auto company, he’s much more relieved and showed no signs of backing down in jumping to another job. He showed guts. People were discouraging him to leave but he showed them that it’s not the company that decides one’s fate, it has always been the person.

So now, I am putting all these in mind because I want to be better. I want that house and I want that car, and above all, I want a secure future for me and my wife.