Boto boto pick

We had lunch with my in-laws today and our conversation drifted from the terrific sinigang sa bayabas (typing it just made me drool) to the elections tomorrow. My father-in-law took a stand of not making a stand-– he sees no point in voting after reading Kit Tatad’s full page “protest” to our current political scenario.

My two cents: Reading the advertorial just describes the ex-Martial Law secretary’s hypocrisy. He’s part of the rotten system. He became senator and he cannot wash his hands. Plus, he’s too late to be vocal about political dynasties and turncoatism. Why now?

The advertorial was nicely penned though. He’s right on the money but it would have been better if somebody who’s a better reputation did it. Too bad that Mr. Tatad lacks credibility.

Moving along. My wife and I made a list of our senatorial line-up and the showroom manager will make his endorsement (the same way INC, El Shaddai, Diyos Ka Day, JIL, JLA, and others have been drawing their sheep):

  1. Manny Villar.The biggest factor: He’s from Las Piñas. Who knows? He might even create a flyover connecting Las Piñas to Makati when he becomes… PRESIDENT(!?). The guy’s already rich and I just hope that he would use his shrewdness for the good of the Philippines. Another thing going for him is his hidden dancing talent (have you seen the TV ads?) and Angel Locsin’s support… bless her… heart.

  2. Francis Pangilinan. The biggest factor: He’s Mr. Sharon Cuneta. With brains. The big letdown: His crying act before being on the hot seat at Isang Tanong show (for those not in the know: it’s a show where senatoriables will answer one question within one and a half minutes). He redeemed himself during the show where he gave REAL answers and not motherhood statements and all those flack about morality and unseating GMA. I almost took him out of my list because of his tentative stance in the first weeks of the campaign period. Now that he chose an “independent” path, I’d vote him.

  3. Francis Escudero. The biggest factor: He is like a machine. He answers like a robot BUT just like a robot, it has demonstrated consistency. Escudero’s programmed to answer your question. After EDSA Dos, I thought at first that it’s a battle between Good and Evil: GMA vs. Erap. Anybody supporting Erap is bad. What made me decide to vote for Escudero is his consistent stand– a trait that is sorely missing in our political landscape. Say what? Say Chiz.

  4. Joker Arroyo. I have enough admiration for this man. He had guts during the Martial Law days and his prosecution of Erap. For me, he’s one of our best men in the Senate. He’s 80 but he is still very sharp. His advantage: those cute Joker campaign stickers.

  5. Ping Lacson. This guy has a definite answer to contraceptives, peace and order, and death penalty. His nasty background may give him a disadvantage but Lacson is a necessary “evil” to our brand politics. He may have ordered those kidnappers extinguished but again, it demonstrates action.

  6. Miguel Zubiri. My last minute vote. I went to Bukidnon and saw the things that he wanted done for this place. Wider road for commerce. Magnificent municipal buildings to show government’s presence. I just hope that he could do more for Mindanao if he gets elected.

What happened to Defensor, a guy who has demonstrated consistency? A flipside to Escudero!? Defensor is too much of a Yes Man of GMA aka Dakilang Sipsep. During the heat of the Hello Garci controversy, I cannot get the reasons for him to make any comment about it as DENR secretary. Epal, if you’d ask me.

Noynoy Aquino? His father has all the trappings of a good politician and leader. I just don’t see it in Benigno III. The trouble with current politics is that people take advantage of an established name. You see, Sonia Roco, Koko Pimentel, Alan Cayetano, and Noynoy Aquino– they don’t have it and can’t have it.

Pichay? Nope. I just can’t imagine how he could recover his expenses after the polls? Others are doing the same but there’s something about him that’s very sneaky.

How about Ang Kapatiran? Church groups have endorsed them. The trouble with Church endorsement is that morality is too much of a bottomline. I’ve watched how Zosimo Paredes answered the questions on the Isang Tanong show and it’s full of moral advocacy. It’s too much. I believe that these men have good intentions for seeking public office. The problem is that skills are equally needed. How do we concretely solve our peace and order situation? How do we exhaustively audit government spending? How do we push livelihood programs in the provinces? How do we punish the bad guys? I’m imagining an answer to all these: We pray.