Bastion? Hwat da hell is a bastion?

Haha. Back in the old days, I just thought that I knew the meaning of the word. Besides, I was a campus journalist… cartoonist. Ah, to be young again. The feeling just comes back especially when things are getting online (as plugged by G!). The paper has a huge stake on me and I am extremely grateful. So I chose this post to post some photos that I just dug from my collection.

DOING THE FISHLIPS. My fortress of attitude.

A few years later…

MINI-MIG COMES ALONG. A posted photo that bears an uncanny resemblance.

I told myself that I will not see a post like this in my blog but just yesterday, I bumped into three of my friends from the paper. Koryn had lunch in my building and on my way to pick up the wife, I saw Sarah and Djong. Coincidence? Too much of it. I never thought that I would meet them all at the same day. Isn’t it a wonder? Anyhoo, another picture that struck me was this:

NOT THE COUPLE. It’s the signboard, silly.

A story about the signboard: it was literally, a school paper effort but I owe it to the superb engineering/ compsci/ martial arts genius of Kendrick “Jackie Chan” Chung. Clearly, the guy’s the master of cardboard. He even thought of making the star three-dimensional (Saan ka pa?). We used Z‘s house as our pabrika. It was intended to lure new recruits especially them lovely frosh people (Ah, to be young again.). Going back to the story, we hung that thing in the chess plaza, near the APO tambayan so that everybody could see it. In my arrogant opinion, the old masthead is darn good than the one made by my little brother, who by the way would be off to Singapore in a couple of months (Huhuhuhu.).

I am just glad that it’s still there and it’s part of the thing we PIMA (our printer back then) people call, legacy. Things were so easy back then. Especially when you look at the face of the frickin’ guy taking advantage of the photo op. But moving along, I raise my glass to the people who made up the paper– past, present, and future: TO OUR GOOD LOOKS AND SEXXXY BODIES.

Oh, and by the way, how many points are there on the masthead’s star?


  1. G! says:

    to our good looks and sexy bodies indeed!

  2. gibbs cadiz says:

    hi there, mind trading links? 🙂

  3. g!- amen, yemen!

    gibbs cadiz- sure! i checked your profile and you had three blogsites. which one do i link?

  4. sarah says:


    where’s my cookie?

  5. Debbie says:

    Those were the days!

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