Mayor Lim does a Daredevil

LIFTED FROM DD #50. The best part made by Bendis & Maleev.

Imagine if incoming Mayor Lim would bark these orders to the bad elements of Manila? Well, he just did after his proclamation as hizzoner. He also outlined his eight-point program for the city (which I got from this.):

  1. NO to crime, so it does not pay to commit crime in Manila.
  2. NO to drugs.
  3. NO to graft and corruption.
  4. NO to inefficiency.
  5. NO to indolence.
  6. YES to transparency.
  7. YES to public accountability.
  8. YES to health and education.

To the pushers: Evacuate or Evaporate. “They talk about the rights of drug pushers, but what about the rights of the victims? Who will defend them?”, said the newly-elected mayor. It’s as simple as that. Though, they should not go to Las Piñas. They’re more welcome in other places like Cavite. Hehehe 🙂

Kidding aside, I fully agree with a senatoriable’s opinion that drastic reforms in the judiciary should be carried out ASAP so that we could see results right away: punish the guilty so that people would think a thousand times before committing a crime. Dapat sampolan.

But for now, I’m seeing Mayor Lim with spray paint in hand and vice-mayor Isko “the (Kanto)Boy Wonder” on his side painting houses in Manila. The good senator admitted that he has gotten sleepy in the Senate and that he wasn’t even able to pass a bills that deal with political dynasties and libel. He is willing to leave this den for Manila. Part of his well-penned speech says:

“The motivation that animated me to ran (sic) is beyond physical. It is an idea that is fueled by justice and righteousness. It creates power that continues to grow for as long as the reason for its growth remains. This example that was set in the City of Manila is to show to the whole world, that in this little corner called Manila, everyone has a chance to nurture and cherish a dream.

Parang superhero. Now, I don’t know what he’s trying to say at the beginning of that statement but the last line is inspiring. Some may contend that his predecessor has done much for this city. I’d agree but every time I pass by Baywalk, one thing that can’t escape my eye is Manila being replaced by MayniLA. Though, I could understand that it’s a form of reminder that this is where your taxes go. But it’s already too much. The Hawaiian shirts and the crummy TV show just have to go.

I do hope that the new mayor will continue the good things Atienza has done and move forward in decongesting the city and putting it in order– have a foresight in urban planning and revive commerce.

A final thought: How I wished that Manila was not bombed in WWII.

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