Want a new oxymoron?

It’s Friendly Singaporean Tour Guide.

I share their pain. It seems to be a whole lot easier to keep a herd of sheep together than to keep a big group of Filipino tourists in one place. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be mean and rude to our kababayans. They apologized but it’s too late. A culture clash was inevitable.

I just wanted to share some pictures of my very brief sojourn in the Lion City as part of my work as official escort to our lovely sales people. It’s just too bad that the trip was set before my brother’s departure.


SPAMTASTIC FOUR. Top L-R: Filjay and Nico; Bottom L-R: Josh and Tito.

Fil is our product boy who flew in for a seminar about pricing while Nico’s currently assigned to Toyota’s Asia Pacific office in Singapore. He’s been there for two years. Josh’s part of our sales training group while your Showroom Manager is on the sales operations team. It’s a blessing that Nico took us around for a tour of his island. Oh, I forgot to mention that all three come from the Ateneo. Blech.

Anyhoo, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure…

A SHOP AT SINGAPORE’S DIVISORIA. Looking for some pasalubong.

SEPARATED AT BIRTH. Cotton-stuffed teddy bear and Filjay communicating.

Walking at night is generally safe. And we all of a sudden found a potential material for our resident model.

IT’S DESTINY. Fil was surely refreshed.