Moving on and moving forward

He who does not risk is not free.”

-E-Jay Paz, TLS Art & Graphics Logbook

And so it’s fate and faith. I made a decision last Tuesday, a move that would change my life in the coming years and I am very happy with it. I finally had the guts to take a chance of pursuing what I really wanted to do. For six years, I’ve been too scared to enter my field of interest. I was afraid to be a failure but what drove me to do this revolves around my desire of doing what I love to do. The buck stops here. I do not want live in regret.

So what’s in store for me next month? I’ll be waking up earlier than the drones of Makati and pursue my goal of becoming a regular employee in three months. It may look tough but extraordinary results require extraordinary actions. I am looking forward to this new path and learn the ropes quickly.

And the adventure continues…

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  1. Debbie Uy says:

    Good luck Bryan! You can do it! 🙂 (Btw, kamukha mo si Maverick sa picture mo. Mas gwapo ka lang. 😀 )

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