Entiyanted Kingdom

Oh boy, it’s been 10 years since this was taken…

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Deno, Jops, Jerome, Me.

and going back to the same place would definitely be a treat. Mga brader, balik EK tayo.

It’s funny how things turned out for my HS buddies from Seton (Read: It’s SEEEE-TUHN. Also read the exciting billboard in front of the school: Go Seton..Go..). And we had our share of spats big and small but after all these years, we’ve always regarded each other as brothers. I give this long-delayed thanks to you guys. This blog is a tribute to you.

Deno is now married and has two beautiful kids. He still is this down-to-earth guy who has the same passion as I when it comes to comics and toys. He still draws and he comes up with one-liners that would make everybody laugh and sometimes, provoke a former classmate to bring a knife during our HS graduation practice. But one the best things that I admire about him, aside from being a great dad, was the way he stayed in touch during those years while I was away. We both changed but our friendship did not.

Jops was recently hitched last month and temporarily lives a life of a houseband which is just right. Women should work and the men should stay at home, play computer games, eat potato chips, watch TV, watch porn, and do the same thing everyday. Hehehe 😀

Anyhoo, I would have to say that Josepe’s the vital cog of our HS barkada which would remain nameless in this entry to avoid any embarrassment (the name lang). He’s the strongest in the group and has no shame in playing Aegis in his car. I would never forget his childlike/ childish acts and also the generosity that he and his family has shared with me and the group (Jops, remember our summer outings? The ones where your parents would foot most of the bill and also feed us with THE spaghetti? Remember the times where I would go to your house and do a project or surf porn or try learning Magik and also sleepover?). You are truly a great friend even with your outspoken, and fearless Kabitenyo swagger 🙂

1997 was one of the most crucial years of my life and it was good that I began college with Jerome. Pre, I know that we haven’t spoken for a long time but I’m hoping in all sincere mumbo jumbo to make you drink alcohol with us again. Peace be with you.

Writing this makes me think of one thing:

Sayang at di kami nakapunta nung Sabado. 😀