Long overdue

After two years of not seeing the beach, we’re finally getting our butts out of the city and into the central Visayas region for some much needed R&R. Get a glimpse of where we’re going:



I’ve finally been able to cut down my shortlisted 23 must-see places to 13. I was actually able to trim it down to 18 and Bry helped whittle it further to 13. These are where we plan to go on day one—yep crazy me initially wanted to visit 23 sites in one day—with help from a colleague’s friend who works as a tour guide. At least I hope she’ll still help us—I’ve been vacillating on the when and where so many times she might have just found me too indecisive to take seriously. Feh.

Anyway, these made it to the final cut. Check this site to see a description of these places.

  1. Maribojoc Church and Punta Cruz
  2. Mt. Carmel Hil
  3. Loon Church
  4. Calape Church
  5. Virgen sa Calo-oy
  6. Sagbayan Peak
  7. Chocolate Hills
  8. Alburquerque Church and The Historic Ermita Ruins
  9. Clarin Ancestral House
  10. Loboc River and Busay Falls
  11. Blood Compact Site
  12. Corella tarsier reserve
  13. Baclayon Church and museum

We will, of course, go dolphin watching (no whales in that part of the ocean at this time of year, or so I’ve gathered) at the crack of dawn of day two. If we still have time, we might check out a few other places as well.

I am so excited about this trip. I just hope that the resort and the sites are much better or at least as good as the pictures. I sure don’t want to be disappointed after waiting two years.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi aimee! glad you got that much needed r & r! see you guys soon! im back online! heheh-alan

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