The year that was

Intermittent blogger that I am, I’ve managed to accumulate a bunch of would-be posts that never got written. So, I’ll just give a rundown of things that happened in the months leading to the end of 2007. And I’ll list them in reverse chronological order, because, well, I want to.

1. We spent New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks display in Makati. We ditched the party, though, because it was boring.

That’s the Manila Pen behind us

Pretty fireworks

2. Had New Year’s eve lunch with friends from work and merienda with college friends. Got to meet the Anna’s papi and Ton’s new S.O.

Estelle by the tree at the Captain’s Bar

Anna and her Papi

Ton and Marge (K, L, M… hopefully not N?)

Crazy group photo at Cyma, Greenbelt 2

3. We finally had our long overdue honeymoon, not at Antulang as originally planned, but at Eskaya. This really deserves a separate entry altogether, but seeing as how sporadic my posts are, you might do better checking out the photos instead.

Magnificent falls

Old church

Chocolate Hills

The tarsier

Picture perfect resort

4. I got to hug THE Neil Gaiman! The hubby and I hied off to El Centro in Subic, with Abi, after snagging free tickets. We might just be the only bunch of crazies who went to Subic solely to see Gaiman. Most of the people we got to talk to at the venue were there because they were participants at the ad congress.

Crazy Manileños

THE hug 😀

5. We now have, in our possession, our wedding album and gigantic framed portrait. They’re beeyutiful! It took so long to get the album, first because we couldn’t decide on the photos we wanted to include, then we had to choose a different album because Pilar dropped her previous supplier, and eventually we kind of lost track. We eventually got an automatic upgrade to a 10×10 Renaissance (from an 8×8 Kambara). The framed portrait is huge and sitting prettily in our closet. Heh.

We still don’t have our video though.

6. I know I posted a photo with Rada in October, but I haven’t posted this, taken during Tito Gerry’s 50th birthday bash at Sofitel.

With my crazy dad

So what’s in store for 2008? Hopefully, we’d be able to move into our own (rented) place by the end of this quarter. Maybe get our own car too, who knows? But more trips to the beach, definitely. In fact, we’re set to go to Boracay next month and, possibly, Batanes in March.