And so it is

If all goes well, Bry and I will be living on our own in just 27 days. Although we agreed to start looking for a place to rent at the start of January, I never thought we’d actually find one so soon. I thought it’ll take three, maybe four months. Bry was thinking six months.

See, we don’t really have a big budget but we want to move closer to where we work. That alone is a challenge. It was so hard finding even prospective units to check out as most were unbelievably beyond what we can afford.

In particular, there was this one unit right in the heart of CBD that I love so much—two bedrooms and a spectacular view of the city—but it was being rented for 150 times more than our budget! So, obviously, we had to pass.

So imagine our delight when we saw this two-bedroom, two-storey unit 15 minutes away from where we work that was being rented out, fully furnished, at a rate that doesn’t even hit our budget ceiling! It doesn’t come with a parking space (who cares, right, since we don’t have a car anyway) but already includes the monthly association dues.

It’s a steal, I tell ya.

We gave the security deposit yesterday and signed the contract.

Now we have to make an inventory of what we have and don’t have. I’ve already made a list of things we absolutely need to purchase—drinking glasses, for example—and made a couple of other lists for things we need to buy but not immediately and things I want to buy but have to wait.

To say that we’re very excited is an understatement. I want to go shopping for home stuff stat!


  1. avatar says:

    Awesome! How about laundry? ref? aircon? 15 mins from where you work? Awesome place! can you host drinking sessions and poker sessions? No? okay!

  2. aimee rae says:

    1. Laundry area — Check! No washing machine though. Pero may laundromat sa baba. 😀

    2. Ref — Check!

    3. Aircon — Check!

    4. Host drinking and poker sessions — Of course!!!!!

  3. Abigail says:

    yahoooooo!!! hehehe. moving in party!!! yebah! =) potluck, don’t worry. hahaha! excited na rin ako!!! (obvious naman with all the exclamation points i’ve used, di ba? hehe)

  4. aimee rae says:

    Haha, hindi naman masyado. 🙂

  5. ChaP says:

    is that extra room for me when i move back? remember, i’m the referee? **miss you guys** hope to see you soon!!! (fingers crossed)

  6. aimee rae says:

    Of course! Kaya umuwi ka na! 🙂

  7. Char says:

    ano kaya pwedeng trabaho dyan? =)

  8. aimee rae says:

    1. Mediator
    2. Housekeeper ko

    Haha. 😉

  9. anne says:

    how’s the moving going? are you guys all settled in?

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