Sports socks and tennis

The cover story for the issue we’re working on is about sports socks. Yesterday, when I signed off on the cover study, I did so with no enthusiasm whatsoever and had to quip, “It’s OK, but I’m not jumping up and down over it.”

The same is still true today. Much as I tried to finish the story yesterday, I just couldn’t bring myself to be immersed enough in the report to complete the article. And I still can’t. Which is why I am now blogging.

I’ve been staying up late for several nights now to watch the Wimbledon games. First, I got excited because Safin’s made it past the second round (he’s now scheduled to play in his first quarter finals since 2001). Then I got bummed that this wild card from China beat top seed Ana Ivanovic of Serbia. But match after match, I found myself slowly rooting for Zheng Jie, especially now that she’ll playing against Serena Williams in the semifinals.

I know Zheng still needs a lot of training and play a whole lot of matches before she can be in any shape to beat Serena. BUT! I am still rooting for. I am not sure why, but I suppose the fact that I’ve never liked the Williams sister is a factor.

Whatever. I just know Safin and Zheng are two major reasons I will be staying up late for the next couple of nights, at least.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    well it doesnt hurt that zheng’s a two-time grand slam champ- more than ms. ivanovic- only in doubles though. heheh . im rooting for her as well.. ahh so many sleepless nights!!

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