Nothing like a bad day to make me conjure up words in a flash.

There was a time in my life when a bad day would drive me to write poetry or a long rant. Not today. Now, I am just going to write.

I hied off to the office hoping that I can work on a report that needs to be signed off on Monday. I was supposed to receive feedback — on what needs to be clarified, deleted or written, or if everything’s all fine and dandy — today. I haven’t received anything, as of yet. So while I try to switch my brain to do other work-related things, I find myself surfing the blogosphere and finding gems such as these:

The Graveyard Book
Neil Gaiman read the first chapter of the book on his second trip to the country. The book is set for release in the US in just a month. I wonder how long before it makes its way here. I can preorder at Barnes & Nobles, get the book in a week and just spend a little less than P900. I’m vacillating because I don’t really want to add to my credit card bills.

After Dark
Last night, I saw this guy reading a copy of Haruki Murakami‘s latest novel translated into English (I think), After Dark. My curiosity was piqued, naturally, as I have enjoyed all of Murakami’s books that I had read, so far.

Just recently, I came across Alan’s post, which mentioned the book, and made me more interested to have a copy — or at least borrow one.

Maybe I could haul my butt off to Powerbooks instead of forcing myself to work. Maybe.


  1. Avatart says:

    Another book that’s creating a buzz right now is Twilight. Vampire love story. hmm. Don’t know if you’re into that stuff.

    also, why do I have to log in my avatart account just to post comments?

  2. aimee rae says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard about it. Strangely, I think I got all of my vampire fix from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. So, there’s no real desire for me to start getting into the Twilight series.

    I don’t know. Maybe if someone would lend me a book.

    On the comments – fine, I’ll deactivate.

  3. avatar says:

    Although some people said that it’s better to read the synopsis of the first and second book in wiki then buy the third one.

    A book that I’m waiting for is Brisingr!! third installment to the eragon series!

    Avatar is back yay!

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