If I weren’t naughty, and a whole lot of nice

The –ber months signal the start of the Christmas season, at least in this part of the world. Thankfully, I have not heard sappy Christmas-themed songs or carols all day. Then again, the day hasn’t ended, I did not tune in to my daily morning TV fix and I did not listen to radio at work.

No, I am not a grinch. I just do not like most of the Christmas songs being played on the radio.

Anyhoo, I’ve been meaning to draw up my own Christmas wish list for the longest time. So before work and other mundane things occupy all of my time, I decided to do my list today.

So what do I want?

The Absolute Sandman V1
The Absolute Sandman Vol. 1
The Absolute Sandman V2
The Absolute Sandman Vol. 2
The Absolute Sandman V3
The Absolute Sandman Vol. 3
The Absolute Sandman V4
The Absolute Sandman Vol. 4 — On sale Nov. 5, 2008
Sex and the City: Complete Series DVD Gift Set
Friends – The Complete Series Collection
MacBook — Black, please
GE Monogram® 48" Dual-Fuel Professional Range
GE Monogram® 48″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range with 4 Burners, Grill and Griddle

A week’s worth of pampering — massage, facial, hair styling, the works!
A complete wardrobe overhaul

Nothing much, harhar.


  1. Avatart says:

    Argh. Your comment box ate my comment. =(

    Take two.

    I’ve been meaning to buy a Friends complete series set for the longest time! Although, I have the entire thing in divx format. I still want the real deal. I still watch the show in Star World any chance I get.

    Macbook sale in Singapore ended last weekend. The next big apple sale will be this coming Thanks Giving in the

  2. aimee rae says:

    Yeah well, I don’t have the moolah yet to buy my own MacBook, which is why it is up there on my wish list. So, no point in checking out the prices.

    Kami din, we continue to watch Friends reruns whenever they’re on. I don’t think I’d ever get tired of watching the series.

  3. Avatart says:

    Yeah, But I posted it as a hint for your hubby.;)

    I know right? Can’t get enough of friends. Also, if you want to watch something like friends try how I met your mother. I think they drank a lot of awesome juice while writing the script

  4. aimee rae says:

    Yeah, we watch that too. Kainis lang, kse ETC continues to show reruns of the first season. Wish it’d start airing season two.

  5. avatar says:

    I have all three seasons!!

    Although if have to choose, I’d choose friends over HIMYM hands down.

  6. alan says:

    me! Im a grinch Im a grinch! HAHAHA!!!

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