My top 15

Now that I have enough time to post this list that I got from Z. It’s not ranked.

The instruction was to:
Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs (and when), the song that made you fall in love (and when), and your current favorite.

  1. The Beatles
    • First song: Do You Want to Know a Secret (3rd year, HS)
    • Fell in love: If I Fell (2nd Year, College)
    • Current favorite: Tomorrow Never Knows
  2. The Eraserheads
    • First song: Ligaya (2nd year, HS)
    • Fell in love: Minsan (3rd or 4th year, HS)
    • Current favorite: Trip to Jerusalem
  3. Color It Red
    • First song: Paglisan (2nd or 3rd year, HS)
    • Fell in love: I Need You Here (2nd or 3rd year, College)
    • Current favorite: Sa Ilog ng Ating Pagsinta
  4. England Dan and John Ford Coley
    • First song: Believe it or Not (Grade 6)
    • Fell in love: I’d Really Love to See You Tonight (2nd Year, HS)
    • Current favorite: What’s Forever For
  5. Rivermaya
    • First song: Ulan (2nd or 3rd Year, HS)
    • Fell in love: Himala (3rd Year, HS)
    • Current favorite: Mabuhay
  6. Wolfgang
    • First song: Halik ni Hudas (2nd or 3rd Year, HS)
    • Fell in love: Arise (2nd or 3rd Year, HS)
    • Current favorite: Atomica
  7. Barenaked Ladies
    • First song: It’s All Been Done (1st Year, College)
    • Fell in love: Call and Answer (2nd or 3rd Year, College)
    • Current favorite: One Week
  8. Apo Hiking Society
    • First song: Pumapatak Na Naman Ang Ulan (Grade 3)
    • Fell in love: When I Met You (3rd Year or 4th Year, HS)
    • Current favorite: Love is for Singing
  9. Sergio Mendes and Brasil
    • First Song: One Note Samba (1st Year or 2nd Year, HS)
    • Fell in love: Waters of March (2nd Year, HS)
    • Current favorite: Like A Lover
  10. Guns N’ Roses
    • First song: Sweet Child O’ Mine (Grade 5)
    • Fell in love: Don’t Cry (Grade 5)
    • Current favorite: Patience
  11. Swing Out Sister
    • First song: You On My Mind (Grade 5 or 6)
    • Fell in love: Forever Blue (2nd Year, College)
    • Current favorite: La La (Means I Love You)
  12. Bob Marley and The Wailers
    • First song: Is This Love (4th Year, College)
    • Fell in love: Waiting In Vain (4th Year, College)
    • Current favorite: Redemption Song
  13. Jon Bon Jovi
    • First song: Blaze of Glory (Grade 4)
    • Fell in love: Bed of Roses (Grade 5)
    • Current song: Livin’ on a Prayer
  14. The Doors
    • First song: Light My Fire (3rd Year, HS)
    • Fell in love: Hello, I Love You (2nd Year, College)
    • Current song: Riders on the Storm
  15. Queen
    • First song: Bohemian Rhapsody (Grade 6)
    • Fell in love: Don’t Stop Me Now (Grade 6)
    • Current song: You’re My Bestfriend

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  1. Joel Avatari says:

    LOL @ swing out sisters and bon jovi 😉

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