At last

A lot has been said about Obama officially taking over the office of the most powerful country in the world. Aside from this earth-shaking development, I had the biggest breakthrough last weekend because now, I finally get it.

I’ll continue living with this new point of view and I want people in my life to get involved. Words are so powerful and I’m in awe at how much we can do by living our word and sticking to it. I’ve never seen integrity in a different light. I’ve never seen nothing in a different light.

I am inspired by the possibilities. As long as I am alive, this is what I always wanted to be: my word.

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  1. withonespast says:

    His election was exceptionally symbolic and it was something positive for the world, now they could rightfully claim that their the “beacon of hope”. Although Obama has yet to really control a faltering nation, badly hit by an ailing economy and a immoral war, he could turn things around – and we have to count on it. If there’s anything that we learn from this global economic disaster is that a failed America would carry with it a lot of economy with it, good for us, regardless how terrible the strike, we hardly can feel it, nasanay na tayo jejejeje…

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