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It IS hard or that’s my story for the past two weeks. I’ve been living up to my word but I also have to acknowledge that I am human. I am thankful that I’ve continued to go this far. What matters is now. What exists is now.

I’m taking it one day at a time but I’m just happy-tired about doing it. I look forward to each session. There were things that I needed to unlearn to understand us. I can’t wait to share what I know to people that I don’t know, foreign or local.

This week, we went to the National Museum and had a guided tour from Felipe de Leon Jr. I have to thank him for the breakthrough of getting a wider perspective about the Filipino. His lectures as a humanist helped me to have a clearer understanding of our heritage. It fuels pride to proclaim the greatness of this race.

I have never been this proud as a Filipino and as I’ve said on Day One, I want to be a positive voice in this country.

I feel so fortunate for this opportunity of unlearning to understand.

Plus ultra!


  1. just droppin by and stumblwed on your page.

  2. Fleming Mond says:

    Hay que estar orgulloso de nuestra patria. Es una nación de los hombres valientes y las mujeres tan guapas del mundo.

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