My brother has a new dog. Named Ri-Ri, she’s half a chow chow and half a pug. And she’s sooooo adorable.

Last night, my brother called me up to ask whether I’d like to have a dachshund. No, I don’t. Would I like to have a female beagle? Beagle yes, female no.

So this morning I sent my brother a message. These are the dogs that I like, in order of preference. Male pups only, please.




Chow Chow
They’re all so cute, ‘no? Hay, me want a cute puppy.


  1. anne says:

    i want a pug too! or a yorkie!

  2. Joel Avatari says:

    Beagles are hunter dogs, they’re not toy dogs. We had a beagle once, we had to give em away because “erap” bit two kids in a span of a week.

    Also, why do you prefer male dogs?

  3. aimee rae says:

    Yes, I know that. I never said I wanted toy dogs only. In fact, of the four, only the pomeranian is bred to be a toy dog. Chow chows are too big and pugs are now becoming toy dogs only because their owners make them so.

    Why males? Because I’m the only b*tch in the house.

  4. Joel Avatari says:

    mmkay. I go now.

    *walks away slowly*

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