• Does the government feel the need to tax imported books? We’re not reading enough books — educational or otherwise — as it is. Make me wonder who DOF officials consulted before imposing the duties. I truly do not understand the intricacies of the decision, particularly this passage explained here:

    Based on these two laws, book importers could avail themselves of the duty-free privilege if, first, the imported economic, technical, vocational, scientific and cultural books are not intended for sale, barter, or hire, as prescribed under the Tariff and Customs Code; and second, these materials will be used for book publishing as intended by RA 8047.

    Does this mean one can only import books duty-free if said material is just for personal consumption? And again, only “economic, technical, vocational, scientific and cultural books” are tax-exempt? How then can children from low-income families be exposed to books and the pleasure of reading? How will they be able to broaden their vocabulary and their world view? Yes, I am aware that even with the duties our books are cheaper compared with those in Hong Kong, for example. But our purchasing power is so much lower.

  • Did NBC end Life? It’s one of the quirkiest and smartest shows I’ve seen recently and I do not understand why networks keep killing such shows while picking up inane ones. Episodes are still airing here, but I miss Pushing Daisies already. It’s a good thing NBC didn’t pull the plug on Chuck.
  • In the same vein, why do Philippine networks push interesting investigative and informative features to ungodly hours just to make way for incredibly sappy soaps? There are too many drama queens as it is, and not enough people who think.
  • Don’t all cabs have fare meters placed high up near the radio or dashboard for passengers to see? No sudden fare jump surprises this way.
  • Do we keep sending violent movies to Cannes?