From Quezon with luv

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A few weeks ago, my fellow guides and I went to Malacañang Museum. This is part of our training. If one would like to know the history of the Philippines, a visit to this place is worthwhile. It connects everything. After all, it IS the center of power.

Some highlights courtesy of Chito Tayag‘s camera.

Kalayaan Hall. This is the Old Executive Building.

Mabuhay Guys and Gals. Beside the pillars of Kalayaan Hall.

Salon del Trono. This was the venue for important events and functioned as a ballroom.

Osmeña Room. This used to be the meeting room of the Cabinet.

Mabini’s bust and his writings. These are displayed at the Old Executive Secretary’s Office.

The regal Quezon Room. The main chair was used in Marcos’s declaration of Martial Law.

Function room turned library. Imelda used to host special functions in this room.

Cory Magic. Tools that destroyed the dictatorship.

Our group is offering this tour to anybody who wants to have a deeper understanding of the political history of the Philippines. A visit to this old building tells it all.