Marinduque as Bellaroca (Day 1)

It’s been planned since October for our third wedding anniversary. The wife (the reliable one) made the arrangements and availed a very good promo from Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa in Marinduque. The place is reminiscent of Santorini (READ: I haven’t been there but by the pictures that we’ve taken so far and comparing them with the real thing, I’d say it pretty comes close).

As I always say to my fellow Mabuhay Guides whenever I am pleased, “the ambulance is terrific.” The staff very polite and accommodating. It was worth the plane ride going here. We drove for 45 minutes from the airport in Gasan and passed through Buenavista, one of the six towns in Marinduque. On the side of the road was the Sibuyan Sea which gives a great view of the Tres Reyes or the Three Kings.

According to Dan, one of the team members of the resort, Bellarocca used to be known as Elephant Island. It’s now managed by Genesis Hotels and Resorts Corporation, the same company that handles Astoria Plaza and A. Venue Hotel Suites.

We were with a Korean couple and surprisingly Dan was able to converse with them while we were on our way to the dock. I had time talking to Dan and I found out that he worked in Korea for more than nine years. I told him that it’s an advantage nowadays to know Korean especially in the tourism industry.
A speed boat was used to get to the island in five minutes. Bellaroca was launched this year and it’s owned by a Japanese businessman. His wife is a Filipina.

We were warmly welcomed with a song from the resort’s staff and had the customary garland and welcome drinks while waiting for the golf cart that will bring us to the main building.

After freshening up and taking some pictures, the wife and I had lunch in their dining area. A soft warning however (yes, the Pinoy in me says this in all honesty), be prepared to spend money for very very good food. Bellarocca’s menu is quite pricey but since this is a very special occasion, we spoiled ourselves a bit.

The shot of espresso gave a fitting end to a very fine meal. I had Chicken Cordon Bleu. It’s spicy and it’s just right. We then had a tour of the island using the golf cart. The pictures are quite gloomy because the sun did not appear. It even drizzled in the afternoon but the wife and I managed to take a dip on the resort’s infinity pool near our room.

The pool was cold but we got used to it and I somehow made a few half laps. We went back to our room to change clothes and prepare for dinner. Tonight, we ate at the pavilion by using a golf cart to go there. The steep climb uphill and downhill is one of the highlights of the day. I feel bad for the staff because they would have to go to the main building to get our food. The strong winds outside the pavilion made us change tables. We went inside for dinner and again, I have to write this, dinner was worth the money.

It would be silly to go to this island without a loved one. The place is just romantic. The ambulance is indeed terrific. It’s sweet just like the desert that we had.

But there is one itsy bitsy beef about Bellaroca: The omnipresent complimentary toothbrush is nowhere to be seen. A special request had to be made.

Day Two tomorrow 😀

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  1. hi, just want to ask if you can give me any idea how much is the food from their resto? You can give price range. thanks.

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