Si Gibo. Bakit hinde?

When one gets older, one gets to know more about the world and how things work. Experience brings a lot of perspective from different events and people and if we talk about Philippine politics and the coming elections, there are some who hastily conclude that it’s a battle between good and evil; that the fight against corruption SHOULD always be the agenda in any presidential candidate’s platform; and now, that the next president SHOULD go after the incumbent (usurper-or-what-have-you). The intention may be good but I’d agree with the not-so-stated opinion that corruption is just the effect of a deeper problem in our society but that topic is reserved to another post.

In the 1986 elections, it was clear who were the bad guys and who were on the side of good BUT as the years went on, the lines have been blurred and I don’t see any distinction between the good, the bad and the ugly (the latest and saddest addition). It’s easy to say that GMA is the devil incarnate but it’s also easy to forget about Erap, Marcos and the kamag-anaks who have also taken advantage of our people.

So let it be known that if I were to vote for a presidential candidate today, I would cast my lot on Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro Jr. because I believe that he is the most qualified person for the job as president. I am looking at his qualifications and achievements and not on the degree of his connection to the incumbent (usurper-or-what-have-you).

And the brickbats start to come in.

Case in point: I had a conversation with my brother about the coming elections and he said that a vote for Gibo is a vote for GMA which I totally disagree. Does it also mean that a vote for the leading presidential aspirant in the surveys mean a vote for the little sister or Tita Cory? Let’s be fair. It’s easy to cast judgment but let’s choose based on the qualifications, track record and “platform” that each candidate carries.

I am picking Gibo for his clear stand on issues. This is based on the the debates that I’ve seen on TV particularly about the most popular and unpopular issue: GMA, the incumbent (usurper-or-what-have-you-or-what-can-you-do). It seems like GMA is seen as a burden to Gibo’s candidacy (which I’m glad that some people are beginning to see that it shouldn’t be). My brother pointed that out and it’s stopping him from voting for Gibo. Again, it is Gibo who’s running for president, not GMA.

Gibo ≠ GMA. Plain and simple.

He is his own man. I don’t understand why others would want Gibo to take a swipe at his benefactor. Why would he do it anyway? Ingrato ang tawag dun.

Make no mistake: Ikinasusuklam ko si GMA at ang mga kawalanghiyaan na nangyari sa poder n’ya pero hindi ibig sabihin nu’n ay ayoko ng lahat ng ginawa n’ya. Doing so would mean that there wasn’t enough examination on my part. It also means that I’m assigning the entire blame on her for everything that has gone “evil” in my beloved land (like some of our kababayans often do but we all have a stake in it).

Here’s my take: GMA cannot claim that the economy, for example, is doing okay solely because of her BUT it also doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have anything to do with it at all.

The past elections have made me tired of hearing candidates who promise to go after the forces of evil now personified by the incumbent (who most of the time is presumed to be the devil incarnate and the main cause of everything “evil” in our country). Kumusta naman ang record ng mga naihalal nung nakaraan? May napatunayan na bang nagnakaw at may nakulong na ba talaga? At huwag mong sabihin na si Erap ang finest example nito.

Let’s get real. How about the other crooks in the past? The big ones? Is that the “only” job of the president? I’m looking for somebody who has a well-grounded and well-rounded vision on the future of Filipinas. Concrete steps in building and healing the nation and after reading about Gibo and his views, I think he has the capability to do it.

Gibo has been clear that he’s running not to prosecute BECAUSE that’s not his job. His job is to be our president, an executive function, to see to it that laws enacted by congress are implemented. He believes in the independence of the three branches of government whose roles which I now find so muddled and politicized.

You want the incumbent behind bars? Let us work within the bounds of of what is legal. No shortcuts (siguro naman, natuto na tayo). It doesn’t even suggest that it’s the easy way out but it is the proper and logical way of doing things. This is how democracy works. We are not a mob, we have a government. It is OUR government.

Hindi lang presidente ang may susi para ipakulong ang incumbent. Marami tayong mahuhusay na abogado (sangkaterba nga sa Pilipinas at mas marami pa yata sa mga inhinyero) at concerned groups para itulak ito. Meron tayong Ombudsman. Meron tayong TAYO. Basta’t legal at hindi extra-constitutional.

Let the president do his job and let’s concentrate on the real issues.

Corruption is just one of the many problems that we have. It is not the main problem. Meron pang population control, peace and order, culture and the state of our education, strong environment policy, law enforcement, infrastructure, food security, basic services at lahat na puede mong ituro na problema sa bansang ito. Ito’y nakakabit sa pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas whether he or she likes or LIKES it. Sa tingin ko, may kakayahan at gusto talaga (walang teka, teka) ni Gibo Teodoro gawin ang tungkuling ito bilang pangulo natin.

Patuloy ko pa rin susubaybayan kung akma sa mga gusto kong mangyari sa bansa natin ang mga programa n’ya. Matagal pa ang halalan pero sa puntong ito, mapalad akong sabihin na may napili na ako at ‘yan ay si Gibo Teodoro.