Marinduque as Bellaroca (Days 2 & 3)

Day Two
9 December 2009. The day started with a heavy breakfast. We over-ordered because we thought that continental breakfast means that they would only serve bread. Had a long time convincing Aimee to swim again. The water’s still cold but we enjoyed it.

Dinner was served under the stars. The ambulance that night was awesome. Thanks again to the staff of Bellarocca for the setup 😀

Day Three
10 December 2009. We had to wake up early to make it to our flight back home. Not much pictures but the main highlight could be the rainbow 😀 I haven’t seen one in a long time. A great way to celebrate. Thanks gad!

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  1. denzki says:

    nice! would love to go there. can you give an average food cost? thanks!

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