Thank you*

You know that Don Moen song, God is Good All The Time? Well, He is. Despite the state of our finances, the husband and I always manage to get by. We’ve never had a surplus of funds and yet we’ve been able to splurge on some really expensive getaways without swiping the plastic. And every single time we’ve come thisclose to missing payments, enough money magically comes our way.

So yes, God really is good. Last year wasn’t the best in the world, but do we really need to focus on the negatives? We’re not. We’re (I know I am) just thankful we manage to scrape by, we’re happy, and we’re surrounded by great friends and family.

In other (domestic) news, the husband and I are now mulling about our living arrangements March onward. Where to live, where to live?

*Just in case I haven’t said it enough.