Pretty. Excited.

Would you like to have dinner with Neil Gaiman? I would. But I’d probably just stare at him all night and listen to him talk about anything—his dogs, cats, Amanda, stuff he’s writing about, whatever.

Scoring an entire set of signed Sandman volumes wouldn’t hurt either. Yes, I have all 10. Some are signed. But not all. I wish Fully Booked‘s giving out Absolute Sandman volumes instead. I’d die to have all four. Plus Absolute Death. Ayayayayay.

In other news, Moleskine collaborated with Rhett Eala and National Bookstore for the limited edition My Pilipinas Moleskine.

My Pilipinas Moleskine
Image from Daphne Oseña‘s blog.

Is pretty, yes?

“…the limited edition My Pilipinas notebook, a collaboration between Moleskine, Collezione C2, and National Bookstore. The notebooks are now available at Collezione C2 and National Bookstore branches—P995 for the pocket notebook, P1480 for the large notebooks.”

Jessica Zafra

Methinks I should mosey on over to the mall to grab myself some Gaiman books and a couple of Moleskines. There’s nothing that can get one’s butt off the chair faster than limited edition.