Déjà vu

I got lost on the very first day of my very first trip to Shenzhen, while on the hunt for a 7-11 (or Watson’s or a Circle K, or any convenience store for that matter). I don’t remember whether I managed to find my way back or gave up and took a cab.

But I did get back to my hotel, eventually.

I don’t remember how many times I’ve been to Shenzhen prior to this trip. I know it’s been more than one. Let’s see… there’s this one trip where I went to a trade show and then headed to Hong Kong for another exposition, arriving at the SAR right in the middle of a typhoon 10 storm. Then there was this one time that I stayed at the Fraser Place, visited Louie’s very white pad and devoured yummy crabs. Or did the crabs happen at another time?

Whatever. The point is, this is not my first time in Shenzhen. And yet, on my very first day, I managed to get lost. Again. And this is much worse.

I painstakingly searched Google maps so that I’d know where I am and where the places I want to go are located. I did another search prior to leaving my room. What happened?

I never got to where I wanted to go (Coco Park). I was able to go to Central Walk, however, and grabbed a bite at Subway. I thought I knew where I was (Central Walk? Aha! I must be near exit A of the Metro so the hotel is just right across the street) and so headed in the direction I thought was right. I thought I was at the hotel premises and decided to buy a big bottle of water to bring up to my room. I thought I knew what I was doing.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

First of all, my hotel was near exit E of the Metro. On this side of Fuhua Lu, there are no other open exits (C and D are closed). Central Walk is on exit B. Exit A? There is no exit A. There’s A1 and A2. So the building I thought was my hotel? Not my hotel at all. I ended up asking help from three people, all of whom couldn’t speak English, two as confused as I was.

Imagine my relief when I finally saw the red neon lights displaying my hotel’s name in all its (Chinese) glory. (I would have taken a picture if it wasn’t dusk and I wasn’t afraid of getting mugged.)

Sigh. That’s it. No more exploring by my lonesome. I think I’ll be cabbing for the rest of my trip.