7 days to D-Day

As mentioned in previous posts, I am declaring my support for Gibo Teodoro. I see in him a person that I can trust and I also believe that he is qualified for the job as president of the Philippine Republic.

I am voting for him because of his platform of government and the way that he has run his campaign. I’ve always believed that no candidate can claim a monopoly of virtue. Each one has his/her faults and advantages but among those who are running, I see Teodoro as the most qualified candidate.

I make it a point to have more information about my chosen candidate. Here are some of the things that I’ve picked up:

His view on the government’s role on poverty alleviation (mine in bold):

One cannot resolve poverty. One can only set the stage for people to get out of it. If a government has for its primary purpose the resolution of poverty, solely or principally through government intervention, then it will be taking on a burden which is not fully its own, thereby creating a moral hazard. In the final analysis, only the individual can free himself or herself from poverty. A government can only create the basic conditions that will provide a favorable atmosphere to alleviate poverty.

From this statement, Teodoro is not promising something that he can’t do. Filipinos should consider first the meaning of government to them. It is not an entity that will take care of everything