Artemis Fowl: The Penultimate Book

I probably picked up my first copy at some random bookstore in an airport. When I travel alone, and I get to the airport early, I tend to gravitate to the bookstores. Not the clothing stores. Not even the ones touting electronics or trinkets for last-minute buys.

Nope. Just the bookstores.

I can spend hours in them if I want to. And it was probably while immersed in the heady scent of new books, titles that beg to be read, covers that lure one to grab a copy and browse through the pages, it was then that I probably saw this:

Artemis Fowl

I think I read it on the plane. I do remember loving it so much I got hooked, and got friends hooked in the process. At one point, I bought three titles from the series all at the same time.

I’m psyched that the new book, Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex will be available soon [It is available in the UK, although the Artemis Fowl website says it will be out today, Aug. 3.], but also sad that the series will end soon.

Artemis is very much like an exaggerated version of a real child. He is not born of wizards or gods, or with special powers. He is, like most children, annoyingly inquisitive, with a penchant for trouble. Only his is magnified 100 times over.

Despite his arrogance, and even at his worst, Artemis has genuine concern for the people he loves: Butler, Juliet, his parents, and yes, even Holly.

So while I wait, patiently, for The Atlantis Complex to hit the bookstores here, I leave you with this: The Guardian‘s interview with Eoin Colfer.