Doing it in Deutsch

I just finished a 2-week, 1 to 5:15 pm intensive course for Deutsch A1.1 at the Goethe Institut. So far, I have to say that I’m truly enjoying this new experience. It’s just like going back to elementary school learning the American ‘ABCs’ but this time, it’s “Ah, Be, Tse”.
Most of my classmates have fiances or boyfriends in Deutschland. A handful are studying for work there while I’m probably the only one studying for work here together with the possibility of a trip to Europe with my wife.

Our instructor was very patient and helpful in teaching us her language. She made it a point the we do the right pronunciation (especially acht, küche, spiele, etc.) and focused on completing our sentences with a ‘punkt’ in our exercises. We were all forced to try and understand her because most of the instructions were in Deutsch.

What I can say with full confidence in German is, “Ich spreche gut Englisch, Tagalog und ein bisschen Deutsch.”

* * *

We learned the basic rules on infinitives and sentence construction in Deutsch, which if one would translate directly to English would sound very crude and weird. Another thing that I learned about this language is the assignment of gender to each noun.

I like Deutsch because it is a language that is “logical” when one reads it. It’s like speaking in Tagalog with a phlegm 🙂 Almost every letter has to pronounced. We also learned how to count in Deutsch; how to tell time in Deutsch; how to ask the W-questions in Deutsch and the best part, how to conjugate verbs.

I have tried to see how far that I have learned by watching some shows in DW-TV, a German television channel. I can understand a bit but man, the anchors and reporters sometimes talk so fast that it takes time for me to catch those words.

The verdict: It’s like comparing a calculator to a computer with a very fast processor.

This is hardly discouraging and I find it a huge challenge that deserves total effort and hard work. I want to speak in Deutsch. I want to write in Deutsch, I want to guide in Deutsch and I want to do all of these very well.

Our next course will begin next week and I’m just excited to continue. Super!