Can’t wait for that day. The last time this year that we were all together.

My mom and my elder brother with his family left for the US within the past two weeks. I write with sadness in my heart but also with acceptance that this has to happen. All of us must make choices in our lives and all I can do is to support them in improving their lives there. Even though I don’t say this in public that much: I love each and every one of you.

One day, we will all be together. One day, we will have dinner together. One day, we will see each other soon. I look forward to that day.

* * *

I just finished my driving lessons this week and I’m ready to take the wheel soon on my own. I’m totally excited. Our new car is the greatest hand-me-down from my elder brother. Yes, it’s some sort of bequeathal (with flexible payment terms).

I will be driving and I want to make things right by making sure that I know how the car works and what good driving should be. In my country, traffic rules are still needed to be strictly followed. These are rules not suggestions. They’re made to ensure safety and order.

It won’t be long before I can finally take a road trip with my wife to Tagaytay. Ilocos is another place that I’d surely love to visit. I’m going to take each stretch one at a time.

* * *

This month also marks another breakthrough as I passed Deutsch 1 in Goethe Institut. Therefore: “Ich spreche gut Englisch, Tagalog und ein bisschen Deutsch (I speak good English, Tagalog and a little Deutsch).”

I can now count, ask basic questions, write a simple letter and introduce myself in German. It was time well spent in this two-month exercise and I was also fortunate to meet new friends and learn from a very competent and encouraging German lehrerin.

I now know basic German and I’m making it a possibility that I take the next course, which will be open next year so that I can guide fluently. I bought some booklets for self-study. It would be nice if I can somehow practice speaking the language. I’m hoping that the friends that I made from guiding last year would engage me in their language when they visit next month. I want to surprise them too 🙂

* * *
Tours for students! Finally! The Mabuhay Guides will have a busy schedule ahead with church tours in Bulacan, Cavite and Laguna. We are all excited to do this because it’s a good opportunity to share and handle a young group. We just finished ocular trips in Bulacan, Laguna and Cavite. This is just a start of greater things! My God is doing wonders!

Tomorrow will also mark my return to the regular workforce. I told them that I have a commitment as a tourist guide and I’m just glad that my new boss sees value in my passion.

I still pray and ask guidance from the One to keep me focused and strong in making all these things possible. I am ready. I’m being responsible, determined and good-natured. I am truly blessed.


  1. jlg says:

    Señor Ocampo
    You say you know Tagalog, English and a bit of German… what you probably don´t realise is that you and most Filipinos (ignorantly) know more Spanish than you think.
    Knowing tagalog gives you more than 4000 words that come from Spanish, but hard line tagalistas have long tried to erode that presence in tagalog by changing the morphology of many of those 4000 words.

  2. Bryan Ocampo says:

    I understand where you’re coming from, señor but to be accurate, I’m aware that there are 20,000 loaned words from Spanish. Words that shaped us into who we are today. A contribution that helped in enriching a culture.

    I think that this should be acknowledged but the common reading of Philippine history has taught some present-day Filipinos to disdain anything from Spain, which I think is unfair and inaccurate.

    Thanks for being the first to comment 🙂

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