Sweet escape

I did something for the first time, two weeks ago.

For some reason, I woke up early that Saturday, and so was able to see an email about a Wacoal sale (everything at P100 each, proceeds to go to Japan quake victims). I dragged the husband to the sale, and was immediately disappointed at the selection.

On the way home, the husband said, “Let’s go to Tagaytay.”

And went there we did. No plans, no itinerary, no anything. I decided to call what could be my favorite restaurant ever, Antonio’s. I said, if they could accommodate us despite the late reservations, we’ll have lunch there.

The lady who took my call said we’d have to be there by 1pm, sharp, as they have to set up for an event. OK, I told the hubs, if we make it great, if not let’s eat somewhere else and check in at The Boutique.

We made it. And had a really amazing lunch.

So what next? We drove all the way up to Tagaytay, it was still early, are we just going to head back home?

Of course not. We thought, well, lets’s drop by The Boutique first. If we can’t get a room, then let’s head home.

They had two rooms.

I Surrender

I Escape (cheaper and smaller) and I Surrender (more expensive and bigger), both on the ground floor, were available. I wanted to stay at I Dream on the second floor, but I Surrender will do. Especially since it had a hammock.

And so for the first time, I went out of town with no plans in mind, no change of clothes, no anything. And had a lot of fun.

It was, by far, one of the sweetest (quick) escapes I’ve had.