Distraction subtraction

Facebook, a new blog, Twitter, Blackberry, Tumblr, a day job, food tour and some tours, and now, there’s Google+. For more than a year, I have ignored my original home; this blog where I wrote without thinking much about what the whole wired world might think.

I read some past posts, which I thought was brilliant (just testing if this is MY space). Blogging was simple back then. The “noise” was not too far-reaching but now, I’m starting to feel that social networking has reached its saturation point. Everybody’s shouting. I probably need to take some time off from the internet and explore the other real world.

The idea of going away from Metro Manila to climb a mountain is beginning to look attractive. That’s what I haven’t done. I don’t know if hiking in Batanes, owing to its beautiful landscape, would count as mountain-climbing.

That’s the deep pusod & I. Taken in Batanes ’09.

One thing I found out before writing this is that I missed expressing myself and doing my thing in my own space and at my own pace. Yes, I have been posting some links of other people’s work in Facebook lately, which is all right but it gets to be a bit tiring to read their work. Now I think is the time to do something for myself. Just write and it’s just right to take joy in reading my own work. Pun pun puuuun!

* * *

Books have piled up in the rack. I haven’t finished half of them. For my birthday, I asked my brother in the US to send ‘The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ by Edward Gibbon. I’m having a hard time reading it. The font’s too small and the book is too thick to be read while lying down. I’m also looking for a good place to read it—with proper lighting, a comfortable chair and good ventilation.

It’s a pile. I know I can finish you all.

There’s this room in our place that I’ve christened as our library only because of the books. It’s has become a multi-purpose bodega too. There is enough space. I imagine having a table where I can place my laptop. Yes, folks! I finally have my very own Mac!

It doesn’t mean that I’ve conquered the world or hit the jackpot but it sure feels like it. I’ve been longing, salivating over a Mac ever since I’ve laid eyes on an iMac seven(?) years ago. I got swindled by this guy who ran off with P35,000 from my gullible self. To make the story short, I thought that I’ll be having my laptop for half the price from some guy who worked in Customs. I paid for my stupidity. Hopefully, never again. No! Make that, definitely never again.

* * *
My previous entry was more than a year ago. I was expressing my disappointment over the election of the country’s 15th president. It was a bitter post. It expressed my darkest doubts about the future but after a year, I began to take things differently. 
Perhaps it’s the spirit of optimism starting to grow in me or probably the acceptance of some things that I cannot change. At the end of each day, it ends with how I deal with the world that occurs to me. Oh yeah, but there sure are some days that are just plain bad. I still go on and move forward.
* * *
Just to let my dear customers know (my lucky estimate is probably 4 or 6 of you), I am still a tourist guide but I’ve now taken a day job to pay the bills but my work gives me a platform where I can share what I know to a lot of people through their mobile phones. I do hope that by imparting something useful to them, it would help to develop a deeper appreciation of our country.
As long as they know or remember what I have shared from the good books I have, I’m already happy. It’s the tour guide in me that still speaks, I guess.