iPad2, a useful tool for tour guiding

I rarely blog about gadgets but this time, I must. I’m a proud owner of an iPad2 and I’m happy with it. Thanks to the wife who got me this early Christmas gift for 2011 and 2012 🙂 I have used it in my last two tours to complement the sites that my group and I visit. It also gives me the opportunity to introduce other historical figures and events worth mentioning. Rizal is just one of our many heroes and through this tool, I wish to tell guests about Bonifacio, Aguinaldo, the Filipino-American War and other topics that the sites in Intramuros cannot reveal.

I’ve used it inside a vehicle but I have yet to maximize it. I might have to download some apps to make it more concise and create impact. I want it to be a remarkable presentation where I can make commentaries that would help my group understand us better but first, I’d have to lay down a basic structure so that I can have a solid visual narrative that wouldn’t overpower or distract the guests from the actual sites.
I’m just excited with this gizmo. 🙂