Pre-2012 in review

It’s a bit scary, a bit bold, a bit optimistic to say that 2011 was great and 2012 will be epic. In a few days, 2011 will end and so far (barring the chances of a coconut hitting my head or some fucking accident) it’s been good to my wife and I.

I will be 32 years old in a few months and I don’t feel the slightest bit of old age. It may be because of my loved ones and the company of good friends that I have found over the past years. Maybe it’s a little late to say thank you but better late than never. I thank God (not the one found in churches or statues) for the blessings this year.

I have learned a lot about myself and I’m using a list of things I discovered:

1. I can drive. Yes, I can. I’m not saying that I’m the best or the most skilled driver in EDSA but I am truly happy with the progress that I made. I’ve driven to Pampanga and Batangas this year. It’s a milestone for someone who’s been too afraid to take the wheel.

2. I can be a better tour guide than the previous version of me. Each tour assignment improves me. Whether it was a good or bad experience, I take more comfort knowing that as long as I am there in the frontline, as long as I take on any assignment with enthusiasm and skill, I get better.

3. I know who are my real friends and they’re worth keeping. I have learned this the hard way and it almost made me give up my passion. I have given up friendships with people who wanted to see me fail. It’s a liberating experience. Try it and see the magic.

4. I will die and it’s up to me to create meaning in my life before I go to the unknown. After the passing of an uncle, the Steve Jobs, and a good friend, it reminded me more that we will all die. Life is nothing and meaningless. Every waking hour, I know that I just got lucky to see the morning and be with the love of my life. I have time to pursue my passion.

5. I need to get back in shape. I want to be below 145 pounds. This year has got to be my heaviest. I now have a belly and my clothes are no longer flattering me. Signs of old age? Nope. Signs of laziness, maybe yes. I used to take the public transport to work or walk. With Blackie, I have gained weight. It became all too convenient for me to take the car than walk.

6. I must be serious about savings. Save for vacation/trips and more importantly, save for the future. My wife and I have made a goal to save enough so that we can have our own place. I want to have our own before reaching the age of 40.

7. I only have my name and honor. I will work hard and do my best to earn the trust and confidence of my clients, friends, and colleagues. I may not have a huge bank account or land titles or pedigreethese do not make a person. Instead, it’s integrity, a clear sense of purpose, and strength of character. I want my name to be built on these three important things.

I am writing this partly under the influence of good ole’ tequila this Christmas night. They say alcohol uncovers the truth and I’d have to agree on this one. Plus ultra!