Day 1 of 2012

And so it begins. In the past, I have said that writing a blog entry every week for the rest of the year was my resolution and I haven’t kept that pledge. Let’s see if I can make one by posting the highlight of my day and the most mundane thing if there is nothing worth writing.

Day 1 of 2012 was pretty much OK. I ate the delicious spaghetti my loving wife has prepared last night. It was brunch and dinner. The highlight of my day would be the blue cheese that I’m about to finish and a bottle of Fat Bastard that was gifted to us by an old friend.

The Fat Bastard, the joy of the 1st day of 2012.

In a few weeks, I will embark on a series of important assignments that would define my life. It’s an opportunity that I cannot pass up. I know that in every assignment, I come back as a better guide.

* * *

I’ve also re-written a short description of myself on Twitter and finally updated my Facebook page about myself with the same words. It has no particular order of importance. These are the things that I hold true about me.

This is me on Twitter.

What are the things that I want to do this year?

I want to get back in shape. Stay healthy and fit. 2011 was a good one to me. I was able to eat, I mean, really eat a lot. Buffets, food tours, fiestas, good restaurants but this year marks a conscious effort for me to watch what I eat. I’m not getting any younger and I need some form of exercise especially with the assignments in the coming months. And yeah, the clothes no longer flatter my sexy frame ;-P My goal is to lose 10 pounds. It must begin tomorrow for my good looks and sexxxy bodies.