I tried I really tried

I have more than 700 contacts in Facebook and last year, I have decided to hide some of them from my news feed for a lot of reasons. Since it’s the new year, I just wanted to review my past online decisions.

Yesterday, I’ve decided to subscribe to all of them and “re-evaluate” who should be hidden and who would be kept under my watchful eyes. I was planning to give it a month. Try to bear their pain, agony, or loss but I really can’t. I can empathize but at some point, I really can’t.

One of my favorite profile pictures in Facebook.

The first person that I’ve hidden annoys me because she’s simply a drama queen. I do not know her that much and we aren’t really friends but we were from the same school. There’s too much information from her. Too much noise. The unpleasant kind. I appreciate some drama but this one’s too much for me. There’s always a post from her.

Every. Fucking. Hour!

It’s a conscious decision to unsubscribe from people who are too negative. Hey, there really are bad days but this a common case found in some people who have too much time online. I don’t want to take part in the drama or feed from it.

If there’s another resolution that should be added to my list, it’s this: Drama queens and negatrons are not allowed in my feeds. It’s OK to express oneself but I won’t watch you. No, thanks.

* * *

To the three or by luck, six people reading my blog,

I will be posting my daily meals just to monitor my food intake. I’m posting this for my own satisfaction. You may stop reading at this point because it’s interesting only to me 😉

Meals of the Day

  • Breakfast: Pan de Manila’s Pan de Coco
  • Lunch: Dell’s Meatballs in Sweet n’ Sour Sauce
  • Dinner: Cheesy Hungarian Sandwich
Weight before I go to bed: 155.6 pounds
Catch weight: 145 pounds
Difference: +10.6 pounds