Philippine history as news on Twitter

I enjoy Facebook but I also have a Twitter account because of my wife and some of my close friends back in college. I have yet to enjoy posting on it because it has the 140-character limit, which I sometimes dislike. I write long stuff 🙂

What I do like about it is that I can have updates about my interests such as news, history, a celebrity, or online heckling/arguments. The latest account that I’ve followed is Diario de Filipinas. It’s history as news and I really commend the person behind this. It makes Philippine history fresh and engaging.

May it reach more Filipinos on Twitter.

Keep it coming and hopefully, we see a clearer and more interesting picture of our history that we can share to the next wave of Filipinos!

I have been wishing that the Philippine Revolution was given more importance than the rivalries and petty arguments. It was our finest hour as a people and it deserves our attention.

* * *

Meals of the Day

  • Breakfast: Pan de Manila’s Beef Empanada
  • Lunch: Pork Binagoongan with Rice
  • Dinner: Adobong Pusit, Slices of Liempo with Rice

Weight before I go to bed: 156.2 pounds
Catch weight: 145 pounds
Difference: +11.2 pounds

Fuck! In Fairview, we ate a bit late and I can still feel the pusit in my belly. I’m in the process of digesting it. Yeah.