I’m a tourist guide and I’ve been at it for more than two years. I have sacrificed a lot because I believe that it is worth it. It’s not a dream job because if it is a dream job, it wouldn’t be “real” right? 🙂

It’s all real to me. The possibilities of doing a good job and the risk of failure are there. I had my share of good and bad days. I’m lucky that my recent assignment turned out very well. The guests were happy. I am happy that I was able to do my job. I also know that I shouldn’t be too cocky about it. One of my best teachers said it well: “You are only good as your last performance.”

But only for this day, I’m basking on this personal achievement so I had a bar of Butterfinger. That’s some kind of a reward.

* * *

It gives me enough joy and satisfaction to know that my guests had a great time; that they learned a lot from the tour; and hopefully, tell their loved ones and friends that there’s so much to see in Manila or in any part of the Philippines.

The ultimate reward is to see them again with their loved ones and friends here.

* * *

Meals of the Day

  • Breakfast: Chowking Pork Chaofan with Pork Siomai
  • Lunch: None.
  • Dinner: Leftover Buttered Shrimp, Liempo with Rice, Kangkong with Oyster Sauce, a bar of Butter Finger

Weight before I go to bed: 153.4 pounds
Catch weight: 145 pounds
Difference: +8.4 pounds


PS. One of my guests told me to look this up from web. I listened a couple of times and yes, it’s catchy and it runs the risk of becoming the next “Nobody“. You be the judge.