Stuffed STFU

Wow, I guess I did a good job in losing weight! This morning’s breakfast was brought to you by McDonald’s longganisa meal with orange juice; then a piece hot and crispy KFC with rice for lunch; and it’s the babyback ribs of Rack’s for dinner. Niiiice. I won’t be sleeping tonight then. Demmit. Hopefully, I get to shed pounds in the next two weeks.

* * *

I already have the initial itinerary of the group that will be under my care. I’m making sure that I have a good grasp of it because it’s really a huge responsibility. 11 people are entrusting their lives to me. In my country.

The itinerary really looks fun if you’re the tourist. Oh yeah, I won’t be a hypocrite. I love trekking, snorkeling, and caving that comes with an assignment like this but these are all secondary because the most important thing is the safety of the group; followed by their enjoyment and appreciation of the Philippines; and hopefully, they have good memories about it.

And tell their loved ones that it’s more fun here.

* * *

Weight before I go to bed: 154.6 pounds
Catch weight: 145 pounds
Difference: +9.6 pounds