Dear Reader,

Thanks for sparing us a thought and remembering our URLs. They’re now directed to our new home, Happy Siopao, a collection of posts, photos, memes and stories, which belong to our past.

Musings, pedestrian writing, notes on style, poorly constructed sentences and just overly sentimental posts and job hunt blues — these are all part of our past. Reading these posts feels like showing your hubo’t hubad photos of your childhood to complete strangers.

Would you believe that Bryan voted for senators who don’t deserve his vote? Did you know Aimee has been stalking Neil Gaiman for years? Were you able to read the undelivered wedding speech? How about Bryan’s first Apple gadget? Btw, Aimee has lesbo vibes! 🙂 Hihihihi. They’re all here.

Too bad we can’t escape the things we throw out to the Internet so we just have to accept them. Seriously, does anyone really care?

Happy Siopao is our new home in the Web. It’s a good reading on how Aimee and I have developed into the persons that we are. We’re the sum of all our experiences written in less-than-500-word posts. We’re entitled to be stupid, to act brash online, to be this or that. That’s how real as it gets. That’s what we learned and again, does anyone really care?

Thanks that you still do 🙂

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What do you think?